Ginnifer Goodwin and husband Joshua Dallas go to dinner, April 22.


Cutest Couples of 2014

↳ Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas 

Mr. & Mrs. Dallas.

[Have you considered using your own baby as the baby?] Yeah, no. We have not considered that. No. No, no. I hope my kid is not an actor, so (laughs) I don’t wanna start him out that early.
Josh Dallas when asked if he and Ginny had considered using their baby as the Snowing baby. (Source.)
[Are you studying anything?] We’ve read so many books, I can’t even tell you. I can probably teach a college level course on bringing up a child. Doesn’t mean I’ll be great at it, but I hope I’m good at it.
Josh Dallas (Source.)
I fully admit I am terrified. I’m excited, but, you know, terrified and nervous and excited and I just can’t, can’t wait to meet it, you know. I want it to fully develop and, you know, have all its lungs, but I want to meet it, I want to meet it soon. No, I’m just… We’re excited and nervous and terrified, all those things.
Josh on becoming a father soon. (Source.)
It was just, you know, an incredible day of love, I guess, you know, with all our families together and you know, obviously marrying, you know, the woman that I love is, that stands out. You know, that’s what it’s all about.
Josh Dallas about marrying Ginnifer Goodwin. (Source,)


Josh discusses his marriage to Ginnifer Goodwin, Charming about to become a father, wanting to see more of Lancelot, not wanting to use their own baby as the Snowing baby, becoming a father himself, reading books to prepare, Charming and Henry, talking to fans + other stuff.